Nice to meet you!

I'm Jochen.

I’ve spent the past 10 years working across different areas of visual design, front-end development, email design and marketing.

Background story

Curiosity is key

Creativity has always been my passion since my early childhood. To this day, I still remember vividly how I was able to use my fathers camera as a tool to tell my own story. Years later I went for an MFA to research great design and to hone my creative skills. Working as a photographer shaped my eye and teached me everything about composition and the relation of different visual elements within the frame. Now, while working as a Software Engineer I benefit from these skills.

I believe in the urge to stay curios as a key to advancement. Curiosity not only helps to be on top, curiosity also ensures personal and professional growth while being able to deliver the most modern and effective solutions. I trust in working hard but also in using technology in your favor as a way to make our life’s easier and am amazed by the last ten years’ progress.

Why the simple things?

Happiness is simplicity - Simplicity is happiness

Technology is progressing constantly and can feel overwhelming as things get more complex over the years. Being a Software Engineer with a background in design, I have the chance to make complex processes simple and a joy to use. Great design enables the chance to differentiate ourselves by showing attention to the needs of our customers and users. This is why I enjoy creating meaningful experiences, which focus on a symbiosis in the relationship between creator and customer.

Me, myself and I

What keeps me going

Out of the office you’ll find me shooting large format photographs on film, looking at fossils under UV light, making great pizza and petting all the good dogs.