photography, 2015

Vulnerabilität in Los Angeles

Hollywood Dam
341 S Commonwealth Ave.
Second Aqueduct
Silver Lake Reservoir

Due to its particular location above the tectonically active San Andreas fault, the city of Los Angeles is threatened by a high risk of earthquakes.

According to leading research groups, the next „Big One“, the next devastating earthquake, could occur at any moment and will produce considerable damage throughout Southern California.

However, the work Vulnerabilität in Los Angeles does not focus on the documentation of existing earthquake damage, but on those seemingly inconspicuous places and buildings that are of importance to L.A. and its inhabitants during earthquakes yet are particularly vulnerable. This body of work stages the fragile and urban weaknesses of the city creating a portrait that is clearly in contradiction to the typical photographs of this glamorous and world-famous Hollywood city.

Exhibition View

shown at Goethe-Institut, Paris, 2018
Foto: Urs Daun

Image Name

50 x 70 x 2 cm, Archival Pigment Print, Oak Frame